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You'll need to check if your handset is supported, but if it is, and you already fork out for premium Spotify status, then this app is a must. As the name might suggest, TweetS60 is a twitter client for Nokia S60 smartphones with the added bonus being that the lite version is free.

The first native Twitter app for S60 handsets, it claims to offer a simple way to manage your Twitter account on the go. It's available to download at the Nokia Ovi Store now and offers decent Twitter functionality change status, read tweets, re-tweet and manage who you follow for nowt.

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Fring the "mobile internet community and communication service that allows friends to connect, share experiences and enhance their online communities together" offers a Symbian client with its latest release check the site for compatibility offering voice calls and chat over 3G and Wi-Fi as well as Skype and Google Talk integration.

Not for those who prefer to stay off-the-grid, GyPSii is a free, location-aware, mobile social network. GyPSii "turns your mobile phone into a personal digital life recorder" which means you can use the app to create "places", find friends and explore points of interest. GyPSii is available for free on supported mobile phones - visit www.

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  • Secure Voice for Series 60.
  • VOMO Voice Changer Modulator.

More than just converting, this feature can also use the morphing settings from Voice Morpher to modify existing files; for example, you can record multiple files in your normal voice, figure out the best morphing settings for the desired output voice, and then apply those settings to all the recordings in a batch operation. This is ideal for those who want to complete the whole audio project process without looking for different software.

The program is compatible with most instant messengers, voice chat and video call software programs, PC to phone clients, and online games.

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If you can capture any audio stream, you can then modify it in real time with this program, save it, or output it instantly. The whole process of making voice-overs, narrations, audio messages or any other audio activitycan be done easily and with professional results usingAv Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Good software and easy to use, even my children can change their voices. It is quiet good for changing my voice in real time when talki ng via Skype.

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My children really like it and they can even change to different voices without my help. I also recorded an audio book for them and they loved it. The book is in different voices and effects, quiet good compared to my ability to make a good one. Sorry if this review is duplicated. Good program!. So helpful! Pros: easy to use.

Cons: none. Malware do not install!. Never even tried to use it.

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Do not download this. It auto installed a half dozen utility programs that took me 30 min to uninstall. Those programs themselves tried to install more programs as i uninstalled them by trying to trick you into clicking the next button. Nothing is free and this program get paid for installing these utility programs when you download it. Smart parabolic look completes with nicely improved voice changing features.

Very powerful to compare with basic version. New nickvoice s are much clearer and have been greatly broaden.

The buit-in voice recorder works smoothly and the noise has been reduced almost to-the-max! Phone calls can also be recorded automatically based on your choices. You can browse, label, delete and transfer all the recorded memo and phone calls with ease. You can record arbitrarily long memo or conversations. The application will automatically stop recording once the storage space is low on your phone and never will fill up your phone! Hotkeys work anytime, always! Automatic stop recording at low storage space Send the recorded clips to other phones or PC via Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS or email email service is required for this feature Easy to retrieve the recorded voice clips using Nokia PC suite.

No beep tone when recording phone conversation using Nokia press "Options-settings" and turn on automatic mode, then all phone conversations will be recorded automatically without beep! The recording will stop when calls are hung up. Be aware that not all firmware versions of have been tested for this feature. Please try the demo version on your phone to see whether it works on your phone. Updated versions of the software with bug fixes would be posted regularly and free of charges if any problem should be identified with the software.

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Quick Guide: Upon successful installation, a "tape" icon appears on the bottom middle of your phone screen. Press hotkeys anytime to record, stop, pause and play. You don't need to open Ultimate Voice Recorder in order to use hotkeys. Default hotkeys to record, stop, play ans pause are " 0", " 7", " 1" and " 8". Open Ultimate Voice Recorder and press "Options-Settings" to change hotkeys and other options such as recording limit and automatic recording of phone calls. After your phone powers up, wait until the tape icon appears on the bottom of the phone before using hotkeys!

If no tape icon appears after a few minutes, launch Ultimate Voice Recorder and exit, then the tape icon will appear and hotkeys will be ready. Set recording limit to 0 if you need unlimited length recording. The actual recording length depends on the free disk space.

You can also launch Ultimate Voice Recorder directly to perform recording and playbacks. Open Ultimate Voice Recorder to browse and edit all the recorded memo and phone call clips. Press "Options-Settings" to change hidden mode.