Selling cell phones with flappy bird app

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Gaming mega hit 'Flappy Bird' was successful partly because it was free - but now it's dead? You'll have to pay.

Flappy Bird Phones Selling for $40,000 on Ebay

The game's creator Nguyen Dong removed the game from the iOS and Google Play app stores over the weekend, after saying his life had been wrecked by its incredible success. And now phones which have the now unavailable app installed are apparently going for a bomb on eBay. It's not unusual for an iPhone to sell for hundreds of pounds, of course. But to sell above market value specifically because it has the "rare" game installed? That's new. There are several other listings for Flappy Bird phones.

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Sellers who attempted to capitalize on withdrawal symptoms suffered by those addicted to the year's hottest app tell Crave's Eric Mack eBay has put the kibosh on their cash cow. I've been in touch with multiple eBay sellers who have had their auctions pulled from the online marketplace for violating eBay's listing policies. Basically, selling copyrightable material like an app without permission from the creator Dong Nguyen in this case is a no-go.

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  • You can find the relevant eBay policy here , and below is part of an e-mail from eBay to one of the sellers in question, which I obtained:. So there it is. That seems to eliminate any possibility that folks are making six figures off their old phones with a really simplistic but addictive game installed.

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    At least not on eBay. There does seem to be several Flappy Bird phones for sale by Amazon sellers, though -- at least for now. By the way, Android users should have no trouble finding places online to download the Flappy Bird APK file and side-load it on their device. Let me know in the comments and we'll talk.