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A growing number of mobile games won't even run on my iPhone 5 anymore. This puts mobile gaming's future in an interesting light. If its popularity ballooned because of convenience, what's going to happen when that convenience vanishes? The average smartphone or tablet user doesn't run out for a hardware upgrade as soon as it hits the store. There are tons of people still happily walking around with their iPhone 4, and whatever technical wizardry mobile game developers are weaving these days, they can't partake.

Sure, it can be argued that maybe those people could care less about said tech wizardry -- but if they don't even have the option, they can't manage the same reach that allowed masses to warm up to mobile gaming in the first place. We might see Nintendo's NX hit store shelves this fall, leading people to point out how if that's the case, the Wii U's lifespan of four years is pitifully short. But in the mobile games market, four-year-old tech is almost ancient. The market's moving quickly, arguably too quickly.

No NFC for UK Samsung Galaxy S2

Wherever mobile gaming takes us over the next couple of years, one thing is certain: Unlike smartphone tech, Final Fantasy IX's charm is well-preserved. Take a little time to play it, regardless of whether you do so on mobile, Steam coming soon! Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Nadia has been writing about games for so long, only the wind and the rain or the digital facsimiles thereof remember her true name.

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Some Final Fantasy games have remakes of their remakes. What's the definitive version of each single-player mainline installment? Let us help you. Square Enix published a tell-all video about Final Fantasy 9's development. As the Skeksis would say, "Hmmmm! The strange thing is there are ppl that have no problems with the shield tablet and there is a group that seems to have all the problems!

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Ive seen something simular with the asus tablets where the decided mid production to use a different ram brand which gave the same effect; a group that enjoyed it and a group that didnt. Before i buy any thing i always surf the internet gathering as much info and reviews, there are so many good reviews about the shield which made me buy it. Only now we see a large group pop up writing bad reviews and unhappy customers and they all have the same complains.

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Personally i bought this to play hitman sniper to find out the screen didnt respond well. So many games dont work while this is a gaming device. Another thing that was bothering me was the amount of ppl that returned it 3 or 4 and even 5 times every time getting a "new" one with the same problems. I think this will never be fixed and all of a sudden there is the new shield tablet and ppl forget about it, well im not because im not gonna buy it!

The K1 is a novelty and not a very good tab.

Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sounds Glorious, What We Know So Far

I like having a controller and plugging it in to my TV, but the performance is honestly nothing special. I went from2 shield tablets to tab s2! The funny thing my shield tablet had a burned in screen near the charger input! My experience with the 2 shields made me buy a tab s2. The shield felt like plastic and both devices made a strange noise when pushed gently at the right bottom corner.

Both devices didnt respond well to screen touch, so most games where unplayable for me; fruit ninja even when swipping it register nothing with or without the nvidia charger connected i ended up buying the world charger because it wouldnt charge with other charger.

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The tab s2 i have found only 1 thing thats bothering me and that is the home button. It reacts way better and no problems with accudrain or any thing else.

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Im toally not a samsung fanboy and choose for the tab s2 because i needed to return my second shield to the store and there wasnt any other device that came near the shields specs! The shield for me was a fun thing to play around with but it never felt like a high end super gaming device, the tab s2 doesnt feel like plastic but solid and runs better. Totally no lag even not when updating games while i play a game.

Thanks command, I've been looking at specs all day. My main concern was how sturdy the K1 is, and this helps. I think based on the price point, and what you point out about the burn in, I'm gonna end up getting a K1. K1 is sturdy. The S2 is 8" and not 8. The s2 is subtly lighter and thinner and has 1gb RAM more than the k1, and also costs twice as much K1 runs closer to stock Android, which is pretty good these days, and allows for easy upgrading to Android N later this year for multi window support without bloatware.

I'm at a toss-up as to which way to go. I'm looking to get a new tablet, mainly for gamestream purposes. I'd like to hear from people with the shield k1 how their experience has been.

One of my main concerns is the plastic body, and how it holds up. I'm planning on using the Ipega controller with it.