Iphone move the box level 20

Explore all features for hearing. Siri Shortcuts Streamline the things you do every day. Explore all features for learning. Reading Support You see it. Switch Control Control the device that does everything with a single switch. Explore all features for mobility. There are 30 levels on the web version, and on the mobile version.

It is a fun game, and I would recommend it. If you need a walkthrough or any of the answers, check back here! Press the button the way the shapes in the middle are pointing left, left, right, right, left, left, left, right, right. Follow the path of the symbol in the bottom right corner. Press the buttons based on how many indents they have on the outer shell, from lowest to highest.

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Press the left button to light up the top light, and the right button to move it clockwise around the circle. Light up all the lights. Press the pieces based on how many out parts are sticking out bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right.

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Press the buttons based on the pattern in the middle left, top, right, top, top, left, top, right. Press the buttons as you were dialing a phone with the number in the bottom right 0 — 7 — 1 — 0 — 7 — 0 — 1 — 7. Let me see if I can figure it out. Ok, I used the hint. Tap the? Imagine the arrows as right angles instead. If you press on the question mark in the upper right hand corner it brings up three games the second one is factory balls and you need to spell it out with all the letters.

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You have to click the next page button between the last walk-through and the comments. The first upper line horizontal is 2 up and the lower line is 1 down. That leaves you with 1 up, so you press the upper button once. I get all the pieces in the right places, but one across piece and one up and down piece are in the wrong places. More help please?

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Level 16 is not trial and error. The Order is shown by the number of identantions on the rim of each button.

Move The Box - Paris - Level 20 - Walkthrough

Click the up or down buttons depending on the direction from the starting point for the top line and i think you end with down to complete Right: same principle as the circle with the dots, left for inside, right for outside. Anybody got 97? On 58 I had the four boxes but I did it in a completely different way?

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  • I had the upper left pointing right, upper right pointing down, lower right pointing left, and lower left pointing up. I would have never solved that on my own??? Think of the first letter of each number as you count up. Keep going till the box opens. Does anyone wanna help me with level 51?

    Does anyone wanna help me with level 52?

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