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However, for those who want to get the best app for playing music, Poweramp latest APK v3 could be their favorite. It is a good music app, which will deliver not only better sound but also nice interface. In order to pleasant their fans, the app applies some nice features. It applies the well user interface, which will pleasant the users when they are opening it. Here, the developer provides some themes and color scheme to beautify the appearance of the app. With the well interface, users will be easier to use this app in playing music. In common, music has mp3 as the file extension.

However, this app is powerful and able to play some kinds of file extensions, as mp4, m4a, ogg, wma, flac, wav, tta, aiff, mpc and others. By this ability, of course users will be free to play any kind of file extension of the music. There are up to 10 options of the graphical equalizer.

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The kinds of the graphical equalizer will be useful to set the new format, preset or custom preset, which will make the app looks more beautiful and greater. Well, by the kind of interesting features, it will be nice to download Poweramp for android for best music app. If you want to play per artist or for a playlist. You can also create a folder of all your favourite singles. The simplicity of this app only applies to its interface, feature wise; it covers sleep timer, widget support, and ringtone maker. But what we really love about this app is for a lightweight app, it already covers a built-in equalizer that gives you the option to listen in bass boost, 3D reverb and other presets.

Another cool feature of this app is it allows you to share music with your friends. Which is always fun. Listening to music with our friends is something we enjoy. Our only problem with this application is we want to use it without the ad. There is an ad-free version which is available for purchase. When it comes to features, BlackPlayer has one of the most offers available. Here are some of them. With the features listed above, you almost do not need to purchase a pro version. Even the free version is ad-free.

Poweramp for Android Review- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

If you are going for the most innovative audio player app for Android, n7player is where your money should be. Yes, this app is available for purchase but it allows you to download a trial version that lasts for 14 days. The most important question is, is this app worth my money? Well, it might be.

Poweramp for Android Review

It has a very stylish interface. You zoom in and out to look for your music. You can arrange your library with different views. On top of the stylish interface, you get an advanced band equalizer. If you are a hardcore music fan, you can customize music to how you want to listen to it. Other features it includes are:. Another feature packed app is MediaMonkey. This app does not run out of ways to allow you to view the music in your library. You can browse according to albums, audiobooks, podcasts, artists, tracks, genres and even composers.

You do not even have to worry about finding the songs in your collection. The app also allows you to edit the tags of the songs and add an album cover.

Poweramp Music Player

The search function is convenient as it accurately predicts the song you are searching, and even displays the artist and title. The free version comes with a five-band equalizer with stereo balance. What we love about MediaMonkey is it has Android Auto support. This means you can sync your Android player with MediaMonkey for Windows.

If you need to look at the seek bar of a song, you can enable it to appear on the notification panel. Musixmatch is the music player of people who like to sing along. This app gives you the lyrics thru a floating lyrics widget.

You can even sync the lyrics in real-time. Basically, the app can identify the lyrics to any song playing in the background. The app is loaded with the same features you can get on any other music player app for Android. Other features of the app include a search of tracks using the title, artist.

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  7. And since it is lyrically based, you can also search using a single line of lyrics. Needless to say, we love this app because of the added lyrics because we love singing along to songs. Another app that allows you to personalize is Rocket Music Player. It is perhaps the most customizable app among those we listed, with over thirty background themes you can choose from. You can search your music using different categories including artist, playlist, composer, genre, etc. It also enables you to edit tags according to your preferences.

    What we love about Rocket Music Player is it takes your playlists security seriously. This app offers an additional lock screen feature. There is also no need to purchase the sleep timer feature because it is pre-installed along with podcast bookmarks.

    Powerful music player for Android

    DoubleTwist is handy and both stylish and functional. This app is not just a Android music player because it also supports music, podcasts, and radio. Users love that this app can stream your tunes to your Xbox , PS3, Sonos speakers and other devices. What we actually love about this application is its Magic Radio.

    This is a feature that provides a customized mix of songs based on your music library. We like being able to listen to the music we carefully chose. Listening to music and taking pictures are two great pleasures in life. Musicolet If you need an easy to use music player with convenient to access tabs for albums, playlists, and artists, Musicolet is your choice.

    Other best and unique features of this app that we love include: Ad-free. Allows you to control the app using the buttons on your earphone. Supports multiple playing queues. An intuitive graphical user interface. Phonograph If you are the type to root for apps with great visuals, Phonograph will be very much to your taste. Pulsar Pulsar is a preferred music player application for people who like lightweight apps and who does not like having extra space in your memory.