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The technician came at 5pm and by pm, he still could not have it completed, no signal and didn't even have the modem from virgin mobile. So he said he had to leave, of course.. I need to go to bed too. He promised to come back today at pm. But when I called him, he said he was assigned to do another job and will not be coming back.

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Called to Virgin Mobile, was transferred from department to department and given 3 different toll free numbers. All I gathered was the technician who came was only on the job for 1 week and a half and had no clue what he was doing. Now there is a wire dangling from my basement ceiling and no modem, but the account has been activated and start charging me. Spent 3 hours trying to find a solution and in vain.

No rescheduling nor promise or time line when this will be done. This is the service I got so far. What is the best cheap internet for BC? My friend needs to know. Well so far I've noticed 2 separate occasions where my internet just cuts out.

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I go visit Steve This usually happens because of an error with your modem's physical setup. Plus my parents who live 5 blocks from me get unlimited usage but it cuts out all the time. Worst customer service. Then when you go over data instead of prompting you with an option to add on additional data packages they just bank on the fact that you won't notice and charge you for every mb used. Every time you have to make an adjustment you're on the phone for an hour arguing with customer service reps.

The worst experience I've ever had with a company. Bell Canada in general a terrible and disgraceful company where services are absolutely disgusting. Worst home internet service ever!! Scam company! And they even dared to send me a bill statement after a week of full month price which is due 1 week after. Take note, I had it checked twice, but on the third appointment, no one came and they wasted my time waiting for them the whole day.

Best scammers ever! Do not avail any of their services. I wasted my 50 dollars on them. Waste of time and money. I would give them 0 stars if I could!!!! I have been with this company for 10 years!!! Never been late on a payment!!!!

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I left because they over charged on everything and would never give me a break for be s loyal customer. They didn't even send me a bill till 4 months later it showed on my credit report! Now this month again reported to the credit report as a missed payment for july!!!

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  • I have been experiencing dropped calls and about 80 percent of the time, I can't answer my phone. It continues ringing and won't allow me to pick up. I have to wait, listen to a voice mail and then call back.

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    The phone crackles when I talk into it and I have to get the person to repeat themselves quite often. When you're trying to run a business this is totally unsatisfactory. So, of course, I called the company to complain 2 months ago. They said they would work on it. The service was the same. I called again. They said they didn't have a record of me calling before. They said they would call me back when they found it. I never got a call back.

    It was a month ago. Time for a new company. Do not use this company worst customer service lots of hidden fees and charges They promise you one thing and never make a note of it but never fall through on their promises they make inaccurate notes on your account not all facts only part of facts the customers service agent all tell you a different thing you never can get an issue resolved lots of language barriers hard for communication.

    After my daughter paid out her phone tab with Virgin and went to another company, disconnecting her service with Virgin, we received a combined total of TWELVE follow-up calls from Virgin, most of them robo-dialled and answered with a silence and a disconnect. My daughter and I have both talked to Virgin multiple times, had to explain why she moved service and then again to try to get them to stop calling.

    I am about to report them to the CCTS if this doesn't stop. Virgin mobile is owned by scam artist.

    Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint and runs on its network.

    Stay away from that company they will rip you off. Virgin is owned by Bell which is owned by the Thompson family. They never gave it, I had to spend hours on the phone with them every month. Every month they charged full price.

    A guy came to my new apartment, plugged the internet in. Everything worked At midnight everything stopped. Couple more hours on the phone with them, They send an other guy a few days later. Everything works. Well, on and off. I was always losing connection without any apparent reason. So I canceled everything on January.

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    So I sent it there, told them, and they told me that everything is fine, that they would erase the debt as soon as they have the router. I did not have any news after that.

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    When I informed the employee I had returned it months ago, she informed me what a tracking number was, and how to use it. It was unfortunately a few months to late for me. I called virgin, asked why I never had any new since April, why they contacted a recovery agency before contacting me. The lady never answered those questions, kept telling me how all of this was my fault and responsibility.

    When a ask again, a couple times because I wanted answers, she became rude and say that according to the law, I had 90 days to fill a complaint against the bill. Rude customer service. Intermittent and bad internet connection. Just not worth it. I called to increase my data from 4 to 6 GB and was ensured that it was done and effective immediately.