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Please post here any US vendors that sell cellular jammers. Extra points for relating your experience with using one. Fine, no jammer lectures. But, I must say that you're not very smart to use your real e-mail address, in attempting to procure illegal equipment. Nothing like community service eh?

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Steve Banks. Jer Distinguished. Jan 12, 0 18, 0. I'm no expert, but there's nothing that guarantees any message is contains legit header info, including yours and mine. Either way legit or not , the poster isn't the brightest.

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There are none. It sounds like you already knew jammers are illegal in the US, but just didn't want to be reminded again. You may not want them but you're gonna get them. It's illegal to use, not illegal to own. Maybe she wants to take one apart and look at it. I hadn't even considered that! Not too likely to find a US source, unless you know someone who works IT in a Hospital or something like that. C0F5FBC5 ddress. If it's like the rest of the cellular world, they're going to look right at the provider.

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Because none of them can seem to get it right. In this "I'll sue your ass off" day and age They get an illegal cell phone jammer. At first nobody really notices. Then all of a sudden, people start to wonder why no one is getting any service in THAT building, yet a few feet, yards away they get crystal clear reception. Then later as everything plays out, someone will need to make or receive that ONE emergency call Here come the suits against the person responsible for using the unit and the city government.

I think people will eventually figure out why not one person can make or receive a call in that building.

Also in schools, hotels, entertainment venues, government

The rest will be history or should I say herstory. Just a guess, Steve Banks. Kinda like people that use cell phones where their use is inappropriate? I know three places that use cell jammers in the U. Business as usual from the cell phone companies, actually.

DJK Distinguished. Aug 13, 5 0 18, 0. As far as this specific vendor I would imagine he no longer lives in the United States and the government is going to spend more money in collecting the fines than the fines total, if they decide to collect.

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As for the post itself, I see nothing wrong with it. It's a request for information. Particularly someone who lives so close to Canada. And with a technology that is legal in the United States. But I'm not going to give you that link, do the work yourself.