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I also have this issue with a Verizon S4 purchased for my wife for Christmas. I believe it's related to the OF1 firmware. I know Ting isn't exactly a pound gorilla like Verizon, so I may resort to Odin flashing a T-Mobile firmware or rooting and editing some files. Is there a way to subscribe to updates to this problem? I have the exact same problem can't send SMS when on 4G, everything else works - even receiving SMS over 4G , and it's unfortunately a bit of a deal-breaker for me. At the moment, it's the only reason I've decided not to port my number from Verizon for the time being.

As soon as it's fixed, I'd like to know so I can test it out and assuming the fix works port my number over. One way is to post to the thread like you did. The other way is to click "Follow" in the upper right when you are looking at the thread. Since you are already following, it will show "Unfollow" for this thread. Inherited two Verizon Samsung s4's and purchased one from Ting to set up I the family.

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Tried system resets, etc, etc. Thinking that system updates might hold the answer, now, or eventually - Went to download Andriod updates Anyone else stymied by the update process? I suspect that the Verizon units will never again update as long as they are on the T-mobile system, and will devolve into paperweights. Does Ting have any incentive to corral this horse? I had success with a Verizon S4 by rooting and editing a few system files, along with a third party messaging app.

Now everything is shiny, except for the S4 not supporting band 2 for LTE in my area. Joe Can you share which system files you had to edit and which message app you're using that works? Rest assured, once the problem is resolved we will for sure be informing all the customers that are running into the problem as we have an internal document of every specific case that is reporting the same problem.

I have heard that an alternative app that works in most cases is Textra. Might be worth a shot to see if that will work out for you! I've seen a few spots where people talk about 3rd party apps to work around this problem. Can anyone tell me one? I tried Textra. Doesn't work. I'd like to text and still use my number, not sign up for a new one like some of these 3rd party apps require. Anyone find a viable workaround? I have done a bit of research on this. One app that looks like it works for other people is TextNow.

Whatsapp is another option, but it does require that all other people you are messaging have this app integrated. If you are wanting to text people from devices that are not your phone itself you could download an app called MightyText which allows you to text people from your computer or tablet. Thanks Jaime. I've tried several now and none do what I want. I just wanted to be able to text from my phone and have my actual phone number show as the sent from number.

Guess I'll just keep hoping y'all get this texting issue worked out for the Verizon S4. Has anyone found a method, or tried, through rooting, custom roms, etc. I'm thinking of giving it a shot if I can get time to sit down and go through it. Just not sure which section of the firmware is causing the issue. Any potential Ting customers who want to use this phone will find it is blacklisted by Ting. They will not let you sign up with the SCH-I Even if you read this article and don't care about SMS, or plan to use a workaround. They don't care. The answer is "no.

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New customers may not use it. Let's make this known, eh? I'm assuming by the blacklisting this issue is dead. Ting has found no resolution and it seems there may not be one. It's a shame that phone companies have the power to do this type of thing. I bought my phone, I should control which company I use it with. I'm under no contract and should have no restrictions on use of such an expensive item.

I've done countless hours researching this issue and best guess is it's something as simple as the message center number setting in the phone. Too bad Verizon has this setting locked out. They even have the dial pad codes locked out. I was really hoping Ting could fix this somehow but I suppose big companies like Verizon don't really care what anyone else thinks. Regardless, I've given up on this phone after all this and I'm looking to trade it with another carrier's version through craigslist.

Looks like stupid Verizon wins this battle. Yeah, I expected better communication from Ting: "Rest assured, once the problem is resolved we will for sure be informing all the customers that are running into the problem as we have an internal document of every specific case that is reporting the same problem. We should at the very least get a rebate for the SIM card we purchased if we need to buy a different phone.

I spoke too soon! The new comments revived my interest in fixing this and I tried again. Thank you Ethan for bringing this back to the forefront of my attention by commenting. Anyway, I fixed it. I can now text from my Verizon S4 with Ting sim. It involves rooting the phone but is not very complicated. Took me all of 20 minutes. If anyone is still interested in this issue, let me know and I will put together a step-by-step and post it here later today.

I would love to see a step-by-step guide. My phone is already rooted, I just don't know where to go from there. Thanks a bunch! If you're already rooted, it's really simple. Download an app called "Advanced Signal Status. Hit update. Please let me know the results. I really hope this works for everyone. I'll start that step-by-step later.

What baseband version do you have? Mine has SELinux permanently enabled in the kernel. I can't use a different kernel because Verizon locked the bootloader, and I can't see to click "Show Additional Info", even with root access, because SELinux prevents the app from getting access to what it needs. I used Kingroot to root it and then downloaded the app and it worked.

I was really hoping it would fix any of them. I think I might be able to downgrade the kernel to OC1. Maybe that slightly older kernel doesn't have the same SELinux rules? I'll try it later this afternoon and reply if it works. Please post the results. There has to be a fix even if it is downgrading.

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I guess I'll call this a fix only if you're on OC1. Hey everyone just wanted to shed some more light on this issue. We did 'blacklist' some Verizon S4 model numbers from our checker, as already identified in this thread, we're seeing issues with SMS and have not found a viable solution. We are hoping to improve communication around this device.

Verizon Data and MMS Internet APN Settings in 2 min on any Android Device

We're exploring the idea of creating a new result page on our BYOD checker for these Verizon devices which would outline a more detailed explanation on how 'this device will work, although SMS may not be supported. Keep in mind that although the Ting BYOD results on this device are negative which we believe is the proper result giving the circumstances , there is nothing stoping any GSM customer from activating a Ting SIM and inserting it into their device.

We will not, and can not, stop anyone from trying it out. If text messaging is not important to you, there is nothing stopping you from activating with us. Hi Rickey, Ethan didn't post again so I guess the kernel downgrade didn't work. I tried it too It'll be my first time switching SIM on foreign soil I'm going to Bahgkok for for New Years And if you had to select the setting, which was it?

Can you please give us an update? Data, calls, texts? Did your phones worked just fine while you were there? I was just there a couple of weeks ago.

Cannot Complete Galaxy Watch Activation Setup

My Verizon phone worked just fine. Make sure to switch to Sim mode and make sure the APN gets updated. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Bangkok forums. All forums.

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