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Driving style analysis: This function assesses your driving style per journey and provides tips for more efficient driving. Parking space: See where you last parked your vehicle and share your parking space location, e. Fuel monitor: Save all your fuelling actions and automatically calculate the precise fuel costs per journey. Service and appointments: Shows you the Volkswagen authorised workshops nearby and gives you the option of requesting an appointment.

In this way, you can easily stay in contact with your preferred authorised workshop Breakdown assistance: In the case of a breakdown, you have access with just one click to hour breakdown assistance or the Volkswagen service hotline. If a warning light comes on you can find out what it means in the app. Challenges: Complete exciting tasks and win trophies in your everyday driving.

For optimal recording of journeys, GPS and Bluetooth must be activated. Volkswagen Connect is compatible with most models manufactured since You will need Android version 5. You should always keep your operating system up to date. The use of the GPS function may decrease your battery life. Reviews Review Policy. We have new, exciting challenges for you. Help us to keep improving our app and stay up to date by agreeing to the new marketing consent policy.

For our users in Germany: You can now receive offers through We Experience. Elimination of minor bugs. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy. We place great importance on protecting your private information when you use our website. That is why our Privacy Policy contains detailed information about the collection of anonymous and personal data. Only once you have provided your consent will your data be used for any further purpose, such as for advertising or market research or in order to help tailor online services from Volkswagen AG more closely to your needs.

Dfreeeze gives you the option to regulate and programme the auxiliary heater in your Volkswagen via Volkswagen Connect. The basic requirement is that your Volkswagen has an auxiliary heater installed. You will also need a dfreeze module, which you can order and have installed at your Volkswagen service partner, where registration with dfreeze is also possible. We offer you the option of regulating the auxiliary heater via Volkswagen Connect as a free service.

Ask your local Volkswagen service partner for the price of retrofitting an auxiliary heater and for ordering and installing a dfreeze module. Licensing fees may also apply for dfreeze. You can switch on your auxiliary heater immediately via Volkswagen Connect or programme it up to 24 hours in advance — regardless of how far you are from the vehicle at the time! From there, you will be conveniently transferred to the dfreeze website.

Volkswagen Connect will transfer you via a webview to the dfreeze registration page. From there you will be guided through the registration process. If you have problems, feel free to contact our helpline. You can simply log on. You data will then just be synchronised with the dfreeze backend. Volkswagen does not have access to your dfreeze data. From there you can register. You will then be transferred to the dfreeze website where you can add an additional vehicle.

Volkswagen Connect merely offers you the controls. No, it is not possible to regulate the temperature that has been set in the vehicle. With the dfreeze system, the auxiliary heater in your Volkswagen will provide heat until the temperature set in the vehicle has been reached. First, check whether you can activate the auxiliary heater the conventional way via remote control.

If yes, then contact our helpline. If the auxiliary heater does not work using the remote control either, please contact your Volkswagen service partner. You can add as many vehicles to your dfreeze account as you wish, which can then be regulated via Volkswagen Connect — providing the auxiliary heater and dfreeze module have been installed in those vehicles. There you can reset your password. Or alternatively, you can contact our helpline, which will provide support.

This function offers you the option of viewing various statistics within your app. You can, for example, view detailed statistics on challenges, efficient driving, fuel costs etc. Yes, the data are automatically updated on a regular basis. Larger data, however, are only backed up in WLAN, in order to minimise mobile data usage.

Simply install VW Connect onto your new device and log in with your username and password. Your backed up data will then be automatically transferred. No, the data on the smartphone will not be deleted after they have been backed up. They will simply also be backed up online. When you install the app on another smartphone and log in with your user account, your stored data will be transferred to that smartphone.

You can also switch between different operating systems. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and DataPlug cannot be transferred to another smartphone. If you change your smartphone, you must connect your Volkswagen Connect app to your DataPlug again. Yes, you can delete your stored data at any time.

How to Connect to Android Auto

The local data on your smartphone are retained as long as you are logged in. The warning lamp display enables you to see the warning lamps of your vehicle clearly in the VW Connect app. In this way you can easily identify anomalies in your vehicle and contact your authorised workshop directly and quickly via the app to arrange an appointment to check your vehicle and rectify the issue. The warnings in the vehicle should be treated with top priority. The number of warning lamps displayed depends on the vehicle type.

A distinction is generally made between yellow and red warning lamps. If a yellow warning lamp lights up you can request an appointment with the authorised workshop via the app. If a red warning light appears you should stop driving. In this case you should contact the breakdown service via the telephone number listed in the app.

If a warning lamp comes on we recommend the following procedures. There you can select the displayed warning lamp and send an appointment request. Please check if this warning lamp displayed to you in the app is also displayed in your vehicle. If the warning lamp is displayed in your vehicle, we recommend you visit your preferred Volkswagen dealership promptly. You can do this directly via your app by sending an appointment request via Service Lead to your Volkswagen dealership, or by contacting your contact person by telephone to arrange an appointment to inspect your vehicle.

The number of control units is temporarily visible in the VW Connect menu. In some vehicles the control units are automatically recognised. This is not visible to the user as it is already being carried out in the background. In other vehicles an identification process has to be completed in order to display the control units. As soon as the process is complete you will receive a notification about this. Europe-wide for free. Monday - Friday 7. The vehicle identification number VIN is a unique digit code that can be used to identify your vehicle.

You can locate your VIN in the vehicle log book, vehicle registration certificate, or in the lower area of your windscreen. Cookies are important for the correct functioning of a website. In order to improve your experience, we use cookies to analyse user behaviour. This allows us to optimise website functions and provide content that is tailored to your interests. Free on the App Store in Google Play. Please click on the link to activate the videos.

Note: After activation, data are transferred to the respective provider. You are using an outdated browser. Your browser does not support Javascript. Your personal car assistant. Discover all the app features Download your free Volkswagen Connect app.

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Available for Android and iOS:. Check car compatibility More info. Find a Volkswagen dealer More info. I am already registered, but VW Connect does not recognise my email address when I try to log in. If I try to register again, the system says that my email address is already registered. Why is that?

When driving, I always see a straight grey line and not the actual route that I have driven. Both signals must be activated.

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The signal may also be affected in areas with weak reception such as underground car parks, causing the parking space to be displayed incorrectly. The Bluetooth signal on your smartphone is not activated. Without a connection, the parking space cannot be displayed. When I look for an authorised Volkswagen Service Partner, my list of results is always blank.

We are currently working on an extension that will show your nearest workshop in such cases. Searching by place name with autofill: your smartphone uses this function to make it easier to type. It suggests words or, in this case, place names before you have typed the full place name.

If you then select the suggestion, your smartphone will always enter a blank space at the end. As a result, the VW Connect app cannot correctly recognise the place name. When you are certain that there is no blank space at the end of the place name, please try again. I would like to mark an authorised workshop as a favourite, but cannot find the one I am looking for. My VW Connect app is showing me warnings, but my vehicle is ok. My vehicle is displaying a warning, but the app is not.

What should I do? Do I have to activate the warning lamps in the app? If it still does not work, please follow the reinstallation instructions: Open the Volkswagen Connect app. Please confirm this. How is the optimal functionality of my VW Connect app guaranteed? Why does the first connection with my DataPlug fail on a daily basis? Why has the language in my vehicle details not changed after I changed it?

Can I use my smartphone in energy saving mode with VW Connect? The GPS signal may be weakened in energy saving mode, which may result in the following errors: Routes are not plotted correctly. Your last parking space is not displayed. Why are my routes not displayed in full, or not displayed at all? Route not started, early termination of the route, delayed commencement of the route. My trips are not being recorded in full when I interrupt the journey. Can I also send a support request without being logged in?

Can I switch from kilometres to miles, and vice-versa? What can I do if the hands-free system does not work properly while Volkswagen Connect is in use and I need to make a phone call? Is it possible to share data from the app on social media? What is VW Connect? What functions does VW Connect offer? You can find further information on each function in the corresponding FAQ categories. What do I need in order to use VW Connect? A compatible Volkswagen model. Can I also connect electric and hybrid vehicles to VW Connect? Where can I check if my smartphone is compatible with VW Connect?

You can normally find the software version in the settings menu of your smartphone. What costs can I expect? Is there a set of instructions online explaining how to use the services? Where is VW Connect available? How can I check whether there is a connection between the app and the DataPlug? Does the DataPlug also transmit data when the engine is stationary but the ignition is switched on? Can I connect other devices to my vehicle via Bluetooth while using the DataPlug?

You can connect other devices e. How do I remove my DataPlug from my vehicle?

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If we share the dongle with several people, do the users see each other's data? Each user only sees the data that was sent to their respective smartphone. Can a DataPlug from a different manufacturer also be used? Where do I plug the DataPlug into the vehicle? Does my DataPlug consume electricity when I park and leave my vehicle? Why does the software in my Data Plug need to be updated?

When does the software in my Data Plug need to be updated? How does the automatic update of the Data Plug work? Can I also control the Data Plug software updates manually? Where can I download the VW Connect app for my smartphone? Do I need a special type of mobile telephone to use the VW Connect services? You will need the following components: A smartphone with an Android 5. Is it possible to manage several vehicles in my VW Connect app?

Volkswagen Connect®

Can other users see my information? Who do I get in touch with if the services or the VW Connect app are not working? Does the app update itself or do I have to download software updates regularly? You will be prompted to download regular software updates from the Google Play Store. What should I do if the VW Connect app shows me a warning but my vehicle does not or vice versa? Do I have to follow the displayed action requests? Does my vehicle constantly send current information? Can I download or print out current information?

Can I name the individual trips? How far back does my history go? Can I download my trip data? How can I export my routes? How can I delete my routes? Why is my route displayed on the map not plotted exactly on the road? What do the blue line and the red markings on my trips mean? When is my trip ended? Can I end my current trip at any time? Can I also add routes manually?

Do I receive all route data as normal when a route is manually added? Where can I view my driving data? Can I reset or delete my driving data? Is it possible to have several profiles on one device if the vehicle is used by several people, for example? Can I download my driving data or publish it in social networks? Where can I export my driving data? How are my points calculated during gentle driving? How do I activate a challenge? Is it possible to pause an ongoing challenge and start another one? How many challenges can I activate at the same time?

Is it possible to unlock a challenge and start it? How do I unlock challenges in a different country? What can I do with my points? Can I also find independent workshops? You can only find official Volkswagen workshops using the VW Connect app. How does VW Connect know where I am? Can I also see the opening hours of each Volkswagen dealership? The opening hours of Volkswagen dealerships cannot currently be viewed.

When I make a phone call, do I use my phone as normal or do I use the app for this, using up my data allowance? You make a normal phone call via a phone connection.

Samsung Galaxy S4 MHL/HDTV Adapter

Your data allowance will not be affected. How can I change my authorised workshop for a specific vehicle? What happens to my appointment requests if I change my preferred service partner? Can I use the app to cancel an appointment with my service partner? How do I receive a reply to my appointment request from my preferred service partner?

volkswagen bluetooth touch adapter

Are appointments that I manage transferred to my appointment history? Is there a limit to the number of characters in the free text field? Can I delete the appointments I have entered? Can I transfer my appointments to the calendar in my mobile device?

What scope do service leads cover? Which functions in my app can I use to generate service leads? Can I choose whether I want to send automatic or manual enquiries? Can I send an enquiry regardless of the service interval or a tyre appointment? What data is sent from me to the dealership? How can I tell that an automatic lead has been sent? Can I be navigated to my last parking space? Can anyone else also see my parking location? How accurate is the displayed location in metres?

How does the VW Connect app recognise this, particularly if the vehicle is switched off for refuelling? Can I enter the cost of refuelling in order to keep an eye on fuel costs? How many instances of refuelling are displayed? Can I enter a location, e. Can I access the breakdown service outside of my country? You can also reach the breakdown service at any time outside your country via the app.

Does my DataPlug automatically detect an accident and send a help request to the appropriate authorities? This function is currently not supported, but is being considered for future implementation. What is the Volkswagen ID? Where can I manage my Volkswagen ID? How can I change my access data email address and password? I have forgotten my password.

What can I do? My Volkswagen ID has not been activated. My access has been blocked. Where can delete my Volkswagen ID? Can I also log out of an individual service? What happens to my data? Is it passed on to third parties? Which browsers are supported? What is dfreeeze? What do I need to be able to regulate the auxiliary heater? How much does dfreeze cost? What can I do with dfreeze? How do I register with dfreeze? Can I register for dfreeze via Volkswagen Connect?

If I am already a dfreeze customer — do I need to re-register? I would rather register for dfreeze on my PC. How can I do this? How do I add my vehicle? Can I extend my dfreeze licence via Volkswagen Connect? Can I change the temperature via the app? My auxiliary heater does not work. Can I regulate the dfreeze in more than one Volkswagen via Volkswagen Connect? Can I export my statistics?

How are day and night defined? Day runs from am until pm and night runs from pm until am. For which users are data backed up online? Are the data automatically backed up? Can I back up my data manually? How can I transfer my data to a new device? Can I switch between the different operating systems and take my data with me?

Yes, the backed up data are platform—independent and can brought onto another system. Are the data deleted when they are backed up? Can I transfer my data to another smartphone? Is my DataPlug connection automatically restored when I change my smartphone? Will my data be deleted after being stored on my smartphone? Can I also delete my data backup? What are the benefits of the warning lamp display? A different warning lamp is displayed in my vehicle to the one in my VW Connect app.

Which warning lamps will be displayed? Are these warning lamps automatically transmitted to my preferred Volkswagen dealership? What should I do if the VW Connect app displays a warning lamp? Why is the number of control units to be loaded not displayed? Why is the number of control units displayed different to that of another VW Connect user? The number of control units depends on the vehicle model and can therefore vary.

Looking for a dealer Find a Volkswagen partner nearby you.